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We are an expert management team that provides a full range of Contact Center services in Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French. We implement our services through: traditional and IP telephone systems, email, chat and fax. Throughout our history we have been incorporating new languages, tools  and media, which will continue to expand based on customer needs.

  • Customer care /
    Customer service
  • Help desk and
    technical support
  • Process follow-up
    and resolution
  • Collections
  • Royalty programs
  • Retention
  • Telemarketing, inbound
    and outbound
  • Outbound communications for one time events (interviews for market research, RSVP for
    events, etc.)

  • Development and intergration solutions for in-house
    Contact Centers
  • Initial and continuous training of agents and staff
  • Provision of technological and human resources for
    in-house operations (insourcing).

  • Consulting and reengineering services, management and technological resources that are needed to develop or improve the efficiency of contact centers currently in operation.

  • Provision of personnel
  • Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Know-how
  • In-office management.