About us

Telmark stands out for its value-added proposition and its excellence.
This is possible thanks to our operating resources: Technology, Infrastructure, Human Resources y Quality Control.


Telmark has cutting-edge information and communications technology designed to support multiple operations in independent virtual environments.
Telephony specifications:

  • Contact Center platform AVAYA S8720
  • CM 3.1. PBX redundant
  • Accepts trunks TDM/E1 e IP/H.323
  • Reports based on CMS R.13 de AVAYA
  • Recording system: NICE
  • IVR Web Portal AVAYA
  • Platform CTI AES


Telmarks state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to endure uninterrupted operations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even under emergency situations.
It is equipped with:

  • Technical flooring
  • Our own independent HVAC
  • Independent power supply supported by our own UPS
  • Own generator on site
  • Advanced fire suppression system by oxygen suppression
  • Independent racks for systems and telephony, data transmission and security.

Quality Assurance

Telmark’s quality control and monitoring functions are intended to provide data to check and adjust the accuracy of each of the operations and campaigns in activity, using objective parameters.

Furthermore, the Quality Assurance function is a source of information that allows Telmark to give feedback to its corporate customers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is highly specialized in the search and recruitment of personnel for each of the operations, as well as in the continuous development and growth of its employees.

The selection process is carried out following the profiles indicated by our clients, who, if they so require, participate in the final phase by approving the recommended candidates.

For the training and updating of agents, Telmark has specialized personnel who accompany the employees during their stay in the company. To this end, Telmark has its own training rooms, equipped with computers, telephones and

communications resources that are adapted on a case-by-case basis to emulate the operation in which the staff will work.

Telmark also offers retention and incentive programs aimed at promoting and maintaining the motivation of all its staff, generating an excellent work environment that makes the turnover have very low indexes for this market.

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