About us

Who we are

Telmark is a company with proved track record in contact center management, with a compromise and experience that offer the best complement to customer support needs.

Nowadays Telmark owns 3 operating sites in the heart of Buenos Aires, with 500 operational positions providing world class services to our customers.

Furthermore, Telmark has managed a high degree of synergy among its human and technological resources through complementary services, which include administrative task support (Back office), website software development, provision of human resources in clients’ facilities (In-sourcing), and development and implementation of activities related to entertainment and brand boosting.


Telmark S.A., founded in 2005, is a company with proved trajectory in outsourcing and contact center management en la Argentina. in Argentina. We are a company constituted by 100% Argentine capitals, and the partners are actively involved in the management of the business.

We are known for the quality, flexibility and efficiency of our contact center

and outsourcing services, which have made, during all these years, that top-level companies, national and international, entrust us the attention of their clients in the different stages of their life cycle: problem solution, acquisition, client retention, loyalty building, customer recovery and sells.


Our goal is to optimize the life cycle of your client portfolio, with successful interactions from acquisition to retention.

A customer’s loyalty is at stake in every communication. At Telmark we are dedicated to adding value to this contact, making every interaction a satisfying experience and a business opportunity.

Our culture is based on excelency, which allows us to focused on the understanding of our customers need, giving them the best quality.


Osvaldo Setuain


Prior to his current position in Telmark, Osvaldo Setuain was President and CEO of AOL Argentina. Previously, he held various executive positions at PepsiCo and Walmart. His experience includes starting operations in different countries, and developing and implementing international customer service programs. Osvaldo Setuain has a bachelor’s degree in Bussiness Administration and CPA from Buenos Aires University, and has obtained an MBA from the Texas University in Austin, USA. As a professor, he has taught Marketing and Strategic Thinking at UBA, UADE and UB.

María Gabriela Borrajo

Executive Director

Before assuming the executive direction of Telmark, María Gabriela Borrajo worked in leading Argentine and international companies. In AOL Argentina, she served as Director of Customer Services (AOL Argentina, Puerto Rico and México). She also managed Call Centers in Sky TV (a satellite television company), Fiat Auto, Consolidar (Pension Company) and Miniphone, current Movistar (mobile phone company). María Gabriela Borrajo is an Architect graduated from Buenos Aires University.