Contact Center


We are a team of experts in management of a wide range of Contact Center services in Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French. The means we use are traditional telephony and IP, e-mail, chat, and fax. Throughout our trajectory we have incorporated new languages and means, which we will continue to extend based on the needs of our clients.

    • Customer service
    • Inbound and outbound selling
    • Tele-collection
    • Help desk and technical support
    • Follow-up and process management
    • Loyalty building campaigns

Client retention

  • Cancellation calls management
  • Outbound communications for events and one-time needs

In-house solutions

  • Contact center in-house integration and implementation
  • Training and update of the operational staff
  • Resource provision for in-house operations


  • Consulting and reengineering services
  • Technological and management resources to optimize and/or implement established contact centers that want to increase their efficiency


  • Staff provision
  • Systems
  • Supervision
  • Know how
  • Management in client’s offices

Back Office

Our back office service consists in carrying on administrative tasks and support techniques to other areas, seeking to optimize costs for our clients in an environment of precision and quality. Some examples are:

  • Correspondence management
  • Monitoring of logistics circuits
  • Help desk for employees
  • Absenteeism control

Software Development

Telmark has a proven ability to develop software in order to satisfy our clients’ different needs, may those be administrative, commercial, operative or CRM development.

The website creation encompasses both informative sites for company presentation as well as interactive sites with the necessary elements online purchases, including the shopping cart option.